Strategic Sectors

gizIT2014: Moldovan IT sector report

Read the latest report on the competitiveness of industry and services in the information technology sector in Moldova, which was realized with the support of USAID CEED II and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) with support from the International Data Corporation (IDC), a global research and consulting in information technology. Can be accessed here.

Products of Moldova Catalogue

Picture 2 A project initiated by the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova organized the compilation of a products catalogue with everything that was produced at that time in Moldova. It is from 2010, however it shows the capacity and variety of Moldovan production ranging from wines, fruit and food products to apparel, shoes and toys. More information about the project and the included companies can be found on the ProductsofMoldova website or via the DMBC. Scroll through catalogue >>


     InvestMoldova: Light Industry Report

Picture 3 Light Industry in Moldova includes the Textile, Apparel, Leather and Footwear sectors. The report gives details about production quantity and variety, export details, types of services provided, EU and International Companies that have outsourced in Moldova or have formed service contracts. Additionally, in the last pages there is information about investment opportunities and state incentives for investments in this sector. Read the full Report>>


Giurgiuleşti International Free Port

Picture 3 Giurgiulesti International Free Ports’ entire territory has a status of a free economic zone until 2030. Due to its location on the Lower Danube with available water depths of up to 7m, GIFP is capable of receiving both inland and sea going vessels. The leaflet gives information about its capacity, terminals, business cooperation opportunities, investment opportunities. Read the full Report>>

InvestMoldova: Automotive Sector

Picture 1 This is the Automotive sector description offered to us by our partners, InvestMoldova. The report enlists: the reasons to invest in Moldova; an analysis of the cost-efficient factors of production; what are the advantages of the location and proximity to car producers that have a demand for outsourcing; what is already produced and what can be produced in the future. Read the full Report>>

Miepo Investment Catalogue 2013

Check the latest investments proposals catalogue published by our partner Miepo. It contains detailed information about collaboration opportunities initiated by the Moldovan side. MIEPO_portfolio_work1 Read article>>


Textile & Apparel sector Moldova

The Moldovan textile & apparel sector is a major export sector of the country and has significant growth  potential. Moldova’s main competitive advantages include a competitive and well-trained workforce, a high quality finish,  low wages and easy access to both CIS and European markets. Major foreign partners for outsourcing are Italian, German, American, Austrian and Dutch. Textile & Apparel sector Moldova>>


Wallnut Export: Monicol SRL

8796977528862 Monicol is producing and exporting walnut kernels and dried fruits and is the number one company in Moldova in this field. Owner of Monicol, Mr Vicol, visited the Netherlands in 2011 during a trade mission for Moldovan companies to the Netherlands. The DMBC visited Mr Vicol and his company in October 2012 and was interested how he has experienced the trade mission. Read article>>