Moldova Investment

Reasons to invest in Moldova:


  • Favorable geographical position at the crossroads of commercial routes
  • Proximity to large world markets (European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States)
  • Platform for manufacturing and exporting both to the CIS and to the EU
  • Competitive general corporate income tax rate in the region – 12%
  • Tax and customs framework similar to that of the EU
  • Considerable network of operational Double Tax Treaties and Investment Protection Agreements
  • Market access through three Free Trade Agreements including:

WTO members (worldwide)

Autonomous Trade Preferences (EU countries)

CEFTA members (most Balkan countries)

CIS members (with certain exceptions)

  • Entrepreneurial activities under preferential terms and conditions developed in free economic zones.
  • Well-skilled multilingual workforce
  • Relatively low employment costs
  • Favorable visa regime
  • Improved legal framework regulating entrepreneurial activity
  • Starting a business – fast and easy to handle
  • Investment opportunities through privatization of public property and public-private partnership

Moldova has the 78th place in the annual ranking: the Ease Doing Business top. The information was published by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and you can read an overview of that information on the following page link.