“DMBC supports all innovative initiatives, however we can offer greater support for projects with a solid and focused CSR policy. The companies involved must show a deep concern for ethical business and an active compliance with international norms and customs. For Moldova, it is strategically wise to orient towards a responsible economic model, with increased social awareness, as this will guarantee its output demand on the EU market. Our final goal being to assist Moldova in becoming a functioning component of the EU market.” (Project Manager, Mihai Avram)

MVO Nederland

MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands) is the national knowledge centre and the national network organisation for corporate social responsibility (CSR), basically the place to start for any entrepreneurs wishing to make their commercial operations sustainable.

MVO Nederland is developing a dynamic and fast-growing business network, with not just beginners, but also advanced users and leaders, counting both SMEs and large companies among its members. MVO Nederland can show them the market opportunities of CSR, facilitate mutual collaboration and give practical information on actually getting to grips with CSR. MVO Nederland inspires and motivates entrepreneurs to get down to business with CSR. In this way People, Planet and Profit are key to all business processes and business decisions, from procurement through to sales, from production through to personnel policy. MVO Nederland gives entrepreneurs practical tips, shows good examples and refers to useful contacts.

For more information about corporate social responsability, MVO Nederland offers an extensive overview of topics in this field.